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Now you can Cure your Eating Disorder by Removing your Subconscious Blockages (voices) that Make you Act against your own will and Regain your Life, Health and Self Esteem.

Discover the powerful program based on neuroplasticity: the cutting edge scientific research on bulimia devised by Dr Irina Webster MD (retired) to cure her own bulimia disorder.  


Dr Irina Webster


From: Dr Irina Webster, medical doctor (retired), ex-eating disorder sufferer and author of the ‘Eating Disorder Neuroplasticity Home Treatment Program’

Dear Friend,

 If you or someone you love is suffering from an eating disorder and is looking to regain total independence from this condition, you will be relieved to learn there has been significant advances in the treatment of this disease. 

Now you can learn how to overcome your eating disorder by using the power of neuroplasticity.

As an ex-sufferer myself of an eating disorder I know the power of using neuroplasticity as a treatment method
(read my story) 

So what exactly is Neuroplasticity anyway?

The first part neuro is for neurone (which are the nerve cells in the brain) and plasticity means plastic or changeable.

In a nutshell, neuroplasticity is the property of the brain that allows the brain to change itself.  

These changes occur in four ways:

(1) By responding to the world in a certain way

(2) By perceiving the world in a certain way 

(3) By acting in the world in a certain way                                   

(4) By thinking and imagining in a certain way.

This can be in a negative way or a positive way, but we will be looking at the positive because the negative has got you to where you are today, and that is not such a good thing.

It is also known now that our genes are controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages that come from our negative and positive thoughts. There is now a lot of proof of this in medical literature.

Research from the famous biologist Bruce H. Lipton, PhD showed that genes and DNA do not control our biology. He found that genes are controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages that come from our negative and positive thoughts.

His biological and quantum physics research proves that our bodies can be physically changed by what we think and what we do. And changing your beliefs will result in different outcomes in your life.

How does it work and how can it help you.

First you will learn 5 steps and these steps form the basis of changing the neuronal pathways in the brain, from faulty to normal.

1 step: BELIEVE ( that you can stop your eating disorder.)

2 step: Re-identify your disorder

3 step: Re- symbolize your disorder

4 step: Re-direct your disorder

5 step: Re- evaluate your disorder

Going through these 5 steps will create new neuronal pathways in the brain and change the function of your brain in relation to an eating disorder.

Your eating disorder has formed certain neuronal pathways (or neuronal connections) in the brain. And these pathways get constantly activated and reinforced every time you submit to binging-purging or a starving cycle. Also ever time you think about or put into action any thoughts about your eating disorder, e.g. planning for a binge or checking your weight or reading about how much calories are in food etc.

How do these Neuronal Pathways in Eating Disorder sufferers form?

You as a sufferer have got to where you are by subconsciously building faulty neuronal pathways around food as a cover for some kind of emotional trauma in your life. It does not even have to be something big, just being called fat by a family member is enough to send so
me people down the dark hole of an ED.

You start to do some kind of activity, skip meals, watch what you eat, check how much calories are in things, up your exercise levels and are always thinking about food.

What you are doing is creating an obsession about food in your brain and building  neuronal pathways around this obsession. And before you notice, Bingo, you have an eating disorder and you never saw it coming.

Although your thoughts and urges about starving, binging-purging and over exercising have become overwhelming now, it is possible to change how you respond to these thoughts and urges. And by changing your respond to them you can physically change the way your brain works, research has proven this.

Your eating disorder has formed certain neuronal pathways (or neuronal connections) in the brain. And these pathways get constantly activated and reinforced  because you do the action (starving, binging-purging) and also think about food all the time, but you can fix it.

Neuronal connections or pathways.

On the picture to the left you see the part of the neuronal pathways in the brain.  

The big black dots are the bodies of neurons (brain cells). They all connected to each other by their fiber called axons.

Axons also carry its message (electrical impulse) from the body of a neuron to another neuron. Each neuron connects to many other neurons and other neurons connect to many more neurons. This chain of neurons develops a neuronal network or pathway. Each neuronal network or neuronal pathway gets developed in response to certain action or behavior. It does not matter if they are positive or negative thoughts, if you continue to repeat something you build neuronal pathways.

The longer you do a specific action the more activated the connections become and eventually it moves to the subconscious part of the brain. The subconscious mind is where all our automatic actions and habits live. Like how to still ride a bike that you learned when you were a child, your eating disorder and its actions of either starving yourself or, binging-purging also live in there.

This is why you can not simply stop even though you have told yourself you will not do it again. It is not possible for you to simply get up one day and stop your ED, you can only stop by changing the neuronal pathways in your brain. There is absolutely no other way. If anyone tells you differently then they are totally wrong.

I'm confident that the ‘Eating Disorder Neuroplasticity  Home Treatment Program’ is the answer to re-claiming your life as it has been for hundreds of eating disorder sufferers around the world.

That’s even if you’ve been suffering with this disorder for years and you’ve given up hope of making a recovery.

Because we know 100%, if you change the way you act you will change the pathways in your brain.

The History of neuroplasticity.

Here is a little history it may be a bit technical but there is no other way to explain it.  

The ability of brain to change its own structure was first proposed by Freud in the 1880s. He realised that when we think and learn we change the connections between nerve cells. In fact, Freud first proposed a basic law of neuroplasticity that states that neurons that fire together, wire together and neurons that fire apart wire apart.  This was a very monumental discovery. Freud called it the law of association by simultaneity. It's beautifully named and it means that when you put two things together in consciousness they get associated in the neuronal connections of the brain.

After Freud, a Canadian neuropsychologist Donald Hebb explained the same theory from point of view of his research in 1949, and it is called Hebbian plasticity (or Hebbian theory).

Hebbian theory concerns how neurons might connect themselves. "The general idea is an old one, and states that any two cells or systems of cells that are repeatedly active at the same time will tend to become 'associated', so that activity in one facilitates activity in the other." (Hebb 1949, p. 70)

"When one cell repeatedly assists in firing another, the axon of the first cell develops synaptic knobs or enlarges them if they already exist in contact with the soma of the second cell." (Hebb 1949, p. 63)

This leads us on to another more modern explanation for why you have an eating disorder.

Eating Disorders are closely related to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders.

There is a mountain of research done on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and an eating disorder is a form of an OCD just based on food, but with another element, pleasure, instead of pain involved.

Your obsession is always thinking about weight and what you eat.
Your compulsion is acting on these thoughts even though you know they are wrong.
Your behavior is doing things to make sure you maintain your distorted eating habits, even though you know it is wrong.

The extra element is, eating disorder victims get a kind of perverse pleasure out of their disorder, while OCD patients get nothing but pain. But the pleasure is short lived and when it is finished the ED sufferer also gets pain. This is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain and when the pleasure chemical has gone there is nothing left but pain.

It has been proven by imminent researchers like Jeffery M. Schwartz, MD and others who have mapped OCD on PET scans (Positron emission tomography) that the orbital cortex that is responsible for complex thinking becomes over active in the OCD patient.

This then leads to the Caudate Nucleus the part of the brain responsible for shifting unwanted thoughts out of the brain becoming stuck with the unhealthy eating disorder thoughts playing out over and over again: this is what we have coined as Brain loop.

This is where the problem lies and this brain loop has to be broken or you will never be free from your ED.

This is where our Eating Disorder Neuroplasticity Home Treatment Program comes in, as it teaches you how to break the brain loop by building healthy neuronal pathways around the defective ones.  

Before we continue here is what just a few of the people who’ve had the benefit of our program have to say:

  I’ve Got My Marriage And My Life Back After 9 Years

“After completing your program I found what I was missing during all the years of suffering from Bulimia: I became a full person again. I found what I was meant to have in life, before my eating disorder took it all away from me.
My Bulimia Nervosa deprived me of happiness and ruled my life for 9 years. Finally, I was able to take back what was mine and this makes me very proud of myself.

And this is not all...I was also able to restore my marriage that had been ruined due to my everyday binges and inability to control myself even a little bit.

Now I don't have any guilt or anxiety anymore, all that just disappear from my mind and soul, I believe forever... My weight is stable now, plus I just don't think it is a big deal anymore as long as I enjoy my life, staying with my family and doing the things I love to do...

I am full of energy and looking forward to every day of my life...

Thank you."

Name withheld on request for privacy reasons.


  I was a sufferer for 12 years before I stumbled on your program.

I'm writing to say thank you for the amazing, invaluable program. I can confidently say that if a person is ready to commit to change and recovery then the program will work 100%.

 I can talk about it with great confidence because I am a recovering bulimic
now and out of the last 12 years, 9 was spent on trying every possible
treatment to find the way to recover. I can finally say that your program is the solution if the person is ready for the work they need to do.

 Currently I am working at an Addiction clinic, which employs conventional ways of treating addiction and am now able to see clearly that if your
program was used as a treatment here there would be so much more success with ED sufferers!
Name withheld on request for ethical reasons. But is available.


 You Have Changed My Life

“When I first found this program I was an absolute mess on the inside although I was cool and calm on the outside but I was desperate to find help, so I turned to the internet when all else failed.

I can't possible express my gratitude in words so I have made this recording.



Here are some of the key items I found helpful:

The first section of the program talks about commitment - you need to make that decision that things are so bad and you need to make them better .

‘You get what you expect’ or ‘What you expect is what you get’ so always expect the best and see the best.

Give gratitude for everything you have everyday. Say ‘thank you’ for this and more great things will come.
When the inner chatter is happening and I'm stressing out - William's special mantra I learned definitely brings an element of calmness:

You have changed my life forever!!!!!!

Your wonderful support is so appreciated, thank you so much for everything.”

Andra, Toronto
email address available.



I'm Living Proof That This Program Works

A little over a year ago I was completely messed up, binging and purging every night. I had a few broken relationships, hated my job, blamed everything and everyone for my misfortunes. I hated it, and felt that my life was going nowhere fast.

Thank God I stumbled into Dr Irina Webster, when I did a search on the web for help.

The results have been nothing short of miraculous!

I rid myself completely from anxiety and tension that I always had. I started manipulating my own mind where I was in control. The little voices I had in my head that told me to binge and purge started to obeying me and now they're telling me what I want them to tell.

I got an enormous desire to communicate with people and make friends. I feel so confident around people now that got promotion at work which I thought was never possible for me.

I found a soul mate who can't believe that I had bulimia as a problem in the past (it is because I feel so natural now).

I can talk openly about my feelings now and this helps me so much in my relationship. Intimacy problems seem to have disappeared but it was such a big issue in the past.

And the main thing is that I lost the need for bulimia as an escape mechanism.

I finally became a whole person again.
Anna J. UK ( Web Designer)



    A Vast Improvement In Our Daughter’s Condition

“We are writing to say just how thrilled we are with the outcome of our daughter Mary using your program. She has now completed the program for the third time, and loves doing it! Each day, she spends about an hour prior to the evening meal, makes copious notes and comes out to tell us her new
understandings, with great joy. As you promised, it is like having a personal therapist, available 24 hours of the day.

Naturally there are still some difficult times, and eating is a challenge when things are out of the familiar environment or routine, but overall there has been a vast improvement and we are now all very positive about the long-term outcome. Your program is vastly more helpful than all the psychiatric and psychological help, we have had previously. We could not be more grateful.”

G and P Stomp WA.         


Here is an explanation to a question we are often asked,

If our brain so changeable why do we get stuck in the rigid repetition of our eating disorder behaviour?

The answer is part of a larger riddle that Dr Norman Doidge MD called “plastic paradox”. “The plastic paradox is that the same neuroplastic properties that allow us to change our brains and produce more flexible behaviours can also allow us to produce more rigid ones.” (Norman Doidge MD 2007). Anything that involves unvaried repetition... he says, leads to rigidity (fixed actions or thoughts).

For instance, a vulnerable person (bulimic) has an emotional episode regarding her weight or body image (someone called her fat or the like). She rapidly decides that to avoid these comments in the future she must go on diet. She diets for days, weeks or months. Then she gets sick of being constantly hungry, loses control and overeats. After a long time of dieting the stomach can not cope with the amount of consumed food, plus she gets guilty feelings about eating so much – so she purges it all up. The feelings of temporary relief embraces her body: she feels immediately rewarded. Next day she may repeat it and get rewarded again.

A special neuronal circuit (pathway) gets activated in the brain which involves several brain structures. And the more she repeats the behaviour of binging –purging the more active the pathway becomes. Finally, the action of binging-purging becomes automatic and moves into the subconscious mind.

This is also true for the anorexic, but instead of the binge-purge cycle they continue to starve themselves, over use laxatives and do far to much exercise. This also results in the release of pleasure hormones so they continue to follow this same pattern and im the end becomes automatic.

So, you see because your brain is plastic and you trained it to act in an unhealthy way you ended up with an eating disorder. The only real cure for an eating disorder is to deactivate these abnormal neuronal circuits which are responsible for your binging-purging or starving by replacing it with another neuronal circuit responsible for constructive and healthy behaviour.

Which parts of the brain are responsible for food and weight obsession?

Basically there are three parts of the brain which are responsible for obsessive behaviours. First, it is our orbital frontal cortex, part of the frontal lobe, just behind our eyes. Scans show that the more obsessive the person is, the more activated the orbital frontal cortex becomes. This area of the brain is associated with complex cognitive processes such as decision-making for instance, when you consciously decide to go on binge and prepare for it or decide to go for that 10klm run because you had a extra piece of bread, you use the orbital frontal cortex.

Once the orbital frontal cortex gets activated it sends a signal to the cingulate gyrus (part of the limbic system), located in the deepest part of the cortex. The cingulate gyrus triggers the dreadful feelings of anxiety that something bad is going to happen and sends signals to both the gut and the heart causing the physical sensations we associate with dread and doom or the anxiety we feel just before the urge to binge happens.
Or the horrible feelings of desperation the anorexic feels if someone says they look a bit rounder in the face, or when they read a label that says they ate something that had a few calories in it. 

The “automatic gearshift”, the caudate nucleus, sits deep in the centre of the brain and allows our thoughts to flow from one to the next. But in people who have an obsession the caudate nucleus becomes “sticky” and does not move on from one thought to the next. So the anorexic or bulimic thoughts just get stuck in a: Brain loop.

Brain scans (PET) of obsessive patients show that all these three different areas of brain become hyperactive. The causes of this hyperactivity that results in a brain loop can have many reasons. In some cases an obsessive gene runs in families, some cases they are related to developmental problems and in some cases are due to environmental factors.

The thing is none of this would turn into a fully developed eating disorder without constant thought and action. At first people learn to diet, learn binge and purge or starve and over exercise. They do it in a step by step fashion, then they process these thoughts with emotions. Then they get feelings of reward when they binge or act on their starve and exercise routine, this then leads to them practising their unhealthy habits more and more until they have a full blown eating disorder, or brain loop.

But the question is how to unlock this eating disorder brain loop?

The answer is you have to do something totally different, something so unexpected that you snap the link you have built in your brain, there really is no other way. 

Our program is a full treatment program that helps you to change the circuits in your brain by unlocking the link between the orbital cortex and the cingulate gyrus and normalising the functioning of caudate nucleus.

While using the program people can shift the caudate nucleus “manually” by paying constant effort and attention also by actively focusing on something besides their ED, such as new pleasurable activities. This approach makes neuroplastic sense because it grows new neuronal circuits (pathways) that gives pleasure and triggers dopamine release which rewards the new activity and consolidates and grows new neuronal connections. These new neuronal circuits (pathways) will compete with the older defective ones and according to the "use it or lose it principle", the old network will weaken and dissipate the less they are used.

The major principles behind our Neuroplasticity Eating Disorder Treatment Program is the two key laws of Neuroplasticity.

You have already learned the two key laws of plasticity which also underlie the treatment. The first is that “Neurons that fire together wire together.” By doing something pleasurable instead of the compulsive act of bunging-purging, or starving etc, patients will form new neuronal pathways that are gradually reinforced by simply not giving into the eating disorder urges.  

The second law is that ”Neurons that fire apart wire apart”. By not acting on your compulsions (binging, purging, starving) you weaken the link between the compulsion and the idea and it will ease the anxiety and the agitations that occur when your eating disorder is triggered into action. This delinking is crucial because as we have seen while acting on binging, purging or starving thoughts it appears to ease the anxiety in the short term (for an hour or so), but it makes the eating disorder worse in the long term.

It works very well even for severe cases of bulimia and anorexia, it will also work for binge eaters, because the same faulty neuronal pathways exists in all ED sufferers.

The Cause Of Eating Disorders Unlocked

Like we said before about the neuronal connections in the brain that the longer you do a specific action the more activated the connections become. Eventually the action becomes automatic and moves to the subconscious part of the brain.

The subconscious mind is a very strange place indeed, it is where all our automatic actions and habits live and all our obsessions too. Like how to still ride a bike that you learned when you were a child, your eating disorder and its actions of either starving yourself or, binging-purging also live in there. You see, the mainstream medical and therapeutic community tries to treat eating disorders by targeting the logical or conscious part of your mind. They try to reason with your logical mind and show you that those little voices in your head that tell you you’re fat, ugly and worthless are wrong and distorted. 

But now we know that the compulsion to over-eat or under-eat is driven by the strongest and biggest part of your brain…

…the part that controls all your behaviour without you even knowing it.  That is…

… the subconscious mind!

In fact, did you know the subconscious mind takes up about 85%-90% of our brain capacity compared to 10-15% for the conscious or logical part?

 What this means is that no matter how much you as a sufferer want to stop your eating disorder…

…unless you re-wire your subconscious mind you will always fail in your battle against your eating disorder.

No exceptions.

FACT: the process of starving yourself or binging and purging happen without your full conscious awareness. You do it although you know you shouldn't but you have an uncomfortable feeling in the middle and upper stomach area or you feel like something is being squeezed in the middle of your chest, so you are compelled to continue with the irrational behavior.

 FACT: When you start your abnormal eating behavior you embrace 100% of the feelings this behavior gives you, so much so that you lose conscious control of everything else around you. Another way of putting that is when you starve yourself you get 100% obsessed with it to the point of endangering your life.  

You fall into what is called an eating disorder trance again and again. This trance is caused by the releasing of pleasure hormones by your limbic system - part of your subconscious mind - because it is wired this way to give pleasure to stimulus, even if it is unhealthy stimulus, remember the subconscious can not rationalize. It does not know if the feelings you have are right or wrong it only reacts to stimuli.

Here is what a sufferer wrote to us.

    Your Program Helps Me Stop The False Brain Messages 

“Dear Irina and William.
Before I found your site I did not know that I had a subconscious mind. Little did I know how much my problems stemmed from it.
After working through the program I now think I can control all these false messages it has been sending me. Who would have believed they are so important. Every time I get a false message now I use your BAM exercise to defeat it. It really works a treat. Thank you soooo much.”
Jenny Taylor WA.  

So where Do These Self-destructive Compulsions Come From In The First Place?

That’s a good question. Let me explain…

You see the subconscious mind does not depend on intellectual understanding.

Instead it works on your reservoir of memories from your childhood as well as those from your distant collective past.

That means that somewhere earlier in life you got memories of hurt - emotional or physical.  You experienced dissatisfaction with yourself and it happened to you on at least several occasions.

Consciously you may not even remember.  But your subconscious mind sure does and keeps the memory of these feelings forever.

That's why you get those bad feelings of anxiety, fear, guilt and dissatisfaction with yourself from time to time even without a specific reason for it.

These feelings have been kept by your subconscious mind for years and are released when something triggers them, and you are totally unaware it is happening.

Another reason why your subconscious mind works this way is that in the past you may not have enough positive joyful emotional input, especially in relation to people close to you like family, friends and parents.

In this case your eating disorder becomes a substitute for …

…positive emotional input because of the trance like feelings it gives you while you are starving or binging.

This is why many eating disorder sufferers are able to stop their erratic eating behavior and sometimes get better while they are on a positive emotional wave… like say falling in love, being pregnant or some other personal success.

And then when these feelings stop the sufferers slips back into there eating disorder to compensate for their lack of positive feelings. 

An eating disorder also gives you feelings of control. And that is why you find it so hard to give it up, because you feel safe and like you’re the boss the person in total control.

But of course you’re lying to yourself because it’s the eating disorder that’s in control, not you.

How Does Your Subconscious Control You ?

Your Subconscious controls you by forming subconscious blockages (or brain locks). One of the most common examples of a common subconscious blockage or Brain Lock for the eating disorder sufferer is the "Broken Eye Syndrome".

This syndrome is when people see themselves as fat in the mirror although in reality they are very thin in the case of the anorexic, or can look perfectly normal in the case of the bulimic.

Eating disorder sufferers perceive what they see is the truth, although it is their mind lying to them.

What Sort Of Other Subconscious Blockages May Be Keeping You from recovery?

They can be just about anything. Blockages are very individual. No two people are going to have exactly the same ones.

And you are unlikely to “guess” your own blockage using rational thinking. Most people are extremely surprised once they use my techniques to uncover what’s really stopping them from getting well.

Here’s some real life examples of subconscious blockages I’ve encountered with clients my program has helped to recover from eating disorders:

- A 42 year old woman who had bulimia for 20 years subconsciously believed that it was her closest friend and if she stopped her bulimia she would lose a whole part of herself and her life. After eliminating this blockage she was able to let the bulimia go with ease.

-A man who suffered anorexia-bulimia for 9 years had an emotional blockage that he would inevitably put on so much weight that he couldn't perform as a gymnast if he stopped his binging-purging and starving himself. After eliminating this blockage his bulimia nervosa was cured.

- A 36 year old woman thought that the eating disorder was her lifestyle and if she stopped she would have a boring life without pleasure and satisfaction. She was able to stop it soon after identifying and eliminating her emotional blockages.

- A 29 year-old man believed that his eating disorder was a part of who he is and it was impossible for him to stop because ‘you can't deny a part of yourself’. He stopped his bulimia completely after 6 months working with the program.

The list goes on and on.

At this point you may like to reflect on what you have read, does any of this sound like you, or a loved one?

We’re in demand around the world to conduct workshops on our Neuroplasticity Treatment Eating Disorder program. We have met many sufferers or family members who tell us that what we have said makes so much sense. It is like a light bulb turns on in their head and they can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are some photos from or last workshop in Florida USA: January 2008.

                                               Dr Irina speaking in Florida about eating disorder cure 
                                                                  Dr Irina explaining about eating disorder cure.

William waiting to speak in Florida about eating disorder treatment
Dr Irina with William waiting in the wings to speak
on eating disorder neuroplasticity treatment.

Dr Irina promoting her new book and program in the UK May 2009

Dr Irina at the Cobham book Fair UK
Promoting her new book and ED program.

Dr Irina at the Buxton book fair promoting her book
in the UK 2009.

Thanks to all the people who came and met us at the fairs.

 But first before we continue here are more people to tell you how effective this program is:

 I’m Starting To Love Myself Again

I'm Lauren T and I have just recently started your eating disorder home treatment program (started 8 Feb 2008). I have had anorexia-bulimia for over three years now.

I cannot believe the positive changes I can feel inside myself since starting the treatment program! So much of my fear has disappeared. I feel like I’m actually starting to love myself and I realize that life is so worth living and there is so much to live for!

I just started code four of the transformational codes today and find them exhilarating.

I also would just like to ask you which audio tracks are the most important ones to listen to? I find that I really really love the "happiness first" by Jamie Smart. I find I always renew my strength and positively so much by listening to it and when I listen to it I love to write down the things that get me excited. Every time I finish listening to that track I feel so excited about what my life can become! And I truly believe that I can do it!  
Since starting the program I honestly am feeling amazing! 

Lauren T
South Africa


It’s So Simple And Easy

It's so clear and simple. I'm sitting here enjoying the benefits, rather than moving into my head, thinking: ‘Could it really be this easy?' It's lovely to see the clarity that Irina and William have come up with, and their easy way to gain access to the tremendous power that's really available to each of us.”

Kathy K, Ireland, psychology student  



                             Mr Chris Payne
This Home Treatment Program Is The Answer To Eating Disorders

One of the best ways to deal with an eating disorder is to use a Home treatment program. The problem with an eating disorder is it does not live in the clinic or the therapists room, it lives at home where the sufferer lives. With Dr Irina Webster and Williams  Bulimia Nervosa home treatment program you have help 24/7. When things get tough all you have to do is turn the program on and you have instant help. It is simply the best way to go.

Chris Payne, Leading UK Life Coach 


Chris believes that the mind lies to you and  is one of the major problems with eating disorder sufferers. When an Anorexic or a Bulimic look in the mirror and see a fat person looking back although they are not fat at all, is the mind telling the sufferer a lie.


Chris Payne.

And here’s what a hypnotherapist to the stars who treats a lot of Hollywood’s elite with eating disorders has to say about the power of changing your subconscious programming:

     Eating Disorders Stem From The Subconscious Mind
Doing a Home Treatment Program with your family and friends is certainly the way to go in treating bulimia nervosa...

Dr Irina and William's program is the best I have found on this subject as it is designed to work on the subconscious mind where bulimia lives.”

Steve G Jones, Hollywood

Steve G. Jones is a board certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, and director of the California state registered Steve G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy.

He works with Hollywood actress and directors to help them to overcome their eating disorders and other phobias and addictions

"Click on the button to hear more from Steve"

Thank you Steve G Jones.

There’s A Growing Body Of Evidence That These  Techniques Work

In fact there are now over 100,000 scientific articles emphasizing the power of the neuroplasticity and mind on body and body on mind.

At the Mind/Body Medical Institute, part of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Benson and his colleagues found mind/body medicine to be an effective therapy in a number of diseases that include eating disorders, cardiac disease, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

Here’s two studies that are particularly relevant:

 In a 2002 study reported in the Journal of American Medical Women’s Association, the recovery rate of eating disorder sufferers increased by over 52% after applying mind / body medicine techniques.

 During a study involving 184 women who had been trying to stop their eating disorders for up to 8 years 59% of these women recovered completely after receiving training in mind / body techniques. Mind you, these were used in conjunction with the standard medical therapies. Not a specialist program like the one I’ve put together that has a much higher success rate. 

Here’s some more personal accounts from actual eating disorder sufferers whose lives have been transformed by my
Eating Disorder Home Treatment Program’:

         I Was Amazed At How This Program Transformed My Mind

"I've been using the Bulimia Nervosa Home Treatment Program for a few months now and my emotional and spiritual health has improved a lot.

I travel with the MP4 and I listen to it on a daily basis. As a result I have more control over my eating behavior than ever, stronger inner confidence, ability to relax instantly in any situation I would normally feel anxious and tense in.

 I definitely got this sense of inner power that I always wanted but thought that I wasn't given it from the birth and would never otherwise have it.
I am amazed how easy this program transformed my mind after suffering from bulimia for 10 years and 3,5 years of anorexia before that. I personally thought I was doomed and that bulimia was my cross to bear, but now I realized how wrong I was back then to even think like that.

Now I believe that no one is doomed and everyone has their own chance to recover. And it does not matter how long you have been suffering or how old you are. The only thing that matters is what choices you make in life: the choice to recover or stay the same.

Choosing recovery by getting this program made me feel grateful to God for the self-discovery and self-realization I have been going through . I can't imagine now what would have happen if I stayed the same old bulimic and not experienced all these changes. I would feel very sorry for myself but now I feel grateful for the bulimia help I got..."

- John. R., NY. (writer for an American magazine

Didn't want to be identified because of privacy matters.


                                    I’m Finally Back In Control Of My Life

“The Bulimia Nervosa Home Treatment Program really helps you do things differently. It helps you to get major benefits from simply plugging into your brain power for 30 minutes a day without making that much effort, because it is delivered straight to your mind through an audio presentation. You gradually realize that thoughts and feelings related to food become less prominent and you finally get in control. And that's terrific!”

—Janet Gardner, US, mother of 2 young kids


                                               It’s A Miracle

“I’m at peace with myself now. I feel as if I'm walking on air. The ‘Bulimia Nervosa Home Treatment Program’ helped me improve my feelings a lot. It is so clever, so simple, and yet so incredibly powerful. I fully intend using it at every opportunity possible so that my life becomes even more magical than it is at the moment. I never thought I can stop my ED and return my life back. But 'miracles' do happen.”

- Kristine P. UK,  musician

Here’s How You Can Take The First Step To Stamping Out Your Eating Disorder Once And For All

Most of my ‘Neuroplasticity Eating Disorder Home Treatment Program’ clients begin experiencing huge improvements in their mental and spiritual health - and more importantly stop acting on their bulimic or anorexic compulsions - within 10 to 14 weeks.

You’ll find you only have to use the program for half an hour a day to experience the massive improvements. And most of it requires little effort.

A large section of the program involves lying back listening to specially mastered soundtracks containing powerful (but absolutely safe) audio technology.

This technology is specially designed to create remarkable changes at the deepest level of your subconscious mind using alpha-beta waves.

This is really effective because alpha-beta is the brain frequency in which your emotions, feelings and self-beliefs are experienced.

How to use the program?

The goal is to “change the channel” to some new activity and resist the binging-purging or over exercising episode for at least for 30-40 min a day. If one can’t resist that long any time spent resisting is beneficial, even if it is only for a few minutes. That resistance, that effort will start to lay down new neuronal pathways which will replace the old ED circuits.

So you simply have to listen to the program everyday and follow the exercises in the program for at least 30-40 min a day, preferably close to the time you normally would binge-purge or do that excessive exercising. If you don’t have a certain time then any time will do when you feel more relaxed.


The Eating Disorder Neuroplasticity Treatment Program
(shown above)



…just half an hour to 40 min a day in the comfort of your own home you will have to concentrate on developing new neuronal pathways in the brain which will replace your ED with a new constructive behaviour.



Here’s What You’ll Get In The Program

Here’s the 8 components that make up the ‘Eating Disorder Home Treatment Program’:

1) The Mental, Emotional and Physical Tune-Up Audio CD program (total length 8 hours 45 minutes): This cutting-edge program is digitally mastered to create alpha brain-wave activity in the subconscious mind where change happens at the deepest level. 

It helps you to stop the little ED voices in the head that make you turn to the bulimia over and over again.

2) How to Identify Your Personal Blockages or Subconscious beliefs that create these little ED voices.  You are handed 8 simple but powerful mind exercises to help you identify the subconscious blockages you have about yourself and your eating disorder.  You’re also given powerful proven techniques to eliminate them once and for all.

3) Achieving emotional and mental balance - On your way to health pack": (comprised of 4 booklets and 6 pamphlets)
This will help you

-fill up the hole and emptiness your eating disorder has created inside you
-restore your hunger and sensations of fullness
-repair the brain damage from the effects from a long term eating disorder. 

4) "10 transformational codes to stop your eating disorder" book - This is the 10 week maintenance and reinforcement program you will begin after completing the audio section. It will completely fix "the broken eye syndrome" – where you see yourself as a fat person although you are not.

5) Flow Audio CD digitally mastered music designed to trigger alpha- wave brain activity which helps:

to repair the bulimia brain damage
- tune out ED thoughts from the brain
- eliminate stress and anxiety the ED has brought you
- restore your self-esteem and decision making abilities 

6) Eating disorder meditation - five specific mediations for eating disorder sufferers that help you to:

- relax, set goals, change your negative self-beliefs, and use “mind-over-body techniques" to give yourself a physical tune-up

         7) Four insightful interviews with some of the best specialists in changing people's mindsets and overcoming eating disorders. They share their methods    and techniques with you. (4 hours long)

·  Let me introduce you to these amazing people:

1st interview:
Mr. Steve G Jones, the famous American Hollywood Hypnotherapist to the stars. He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy, president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists, on the board of directors of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Lung Association, and director of the California state registered Steve G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy.

2nd interview: Dr Allan Strong, Doctor of Psychology, specializing in Transformational Change Psychology in the UK, that is changing the way people think in one session. He is the author of a new eating disorder treatment - Visual Kinesthetic. He shares his knowledge about this amazing new treatment with you.

3rd interview: Mr. Justin Herald the famous Australian Life Coach, the author of many self-development books and is featured on Sydney radio daily, Take 5 magazine and many more publications.

4th interview: Mr. Chris Payne famous Life Coach from the UK. He promotes personal development in the UK and has transformed the lives of 50,000 people directly. He recently created a series of CDs called The Effort-Free Life System which has helped thousands of people, mostly in the UK, Australia and USA.
He has appeared on TV in the UK and on radio in the UK and US. And he has run weekend seminars in the UK, US, and Australia.

8)  Eating disorder email coaching—voucher for 2 months of personal email coaching by Dr Irina Webster MD (retired), and William (program mentor/coach) to help you identify and eliminate your subconscious blockages, that make you return to your anorexia again and again.

We will help you to identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and enable you to achieve your life goals by stopping your eating disorder.

I want you to remember that this is not a race. Your going to be running your own race at your own pace, that's really important.  You are not pressured to perform to someone else's timetable.

 The program will help you to:

• Stop the little voices in your head that tell you to
starve or binge and purge.

• Stop the “broken eye syndrome” – when you see a fat person in a mirror when you are actually very slim.

• Have control over your bulimic thoughts and be able to tune them out of your brain.

• Restore your feelings of hunger and sensations of fullness, so you feel satisfied after eating a normal meal without binging- purging or starving.

• Restore your self-esteem and feelings of control and decision-making ability.

• Reverse the brain cells damage from the effects of long term eating disorder.

I’m going to make you this very special offer to help you get better:

You Can Get The Program To Suit Any Budget.

Here are 3 options you have to invest in the ‘Eating disorder Home Treatment Program’ for A FRACTION OF ITS REAL VALUE :


              Eating Disorder Home Treatment Program.

Option 1: CDseating disorder help program option1

  • The complete audio program on:

  • 14 CD. (the complete 95 day program)

  • 4 booklets, 1 book and 6 pamphlets.
    It’s VALUED AT $920.                                                                                                                                                      Photo of the package

    All you have to do to get started on the path to wellness is to make a down payment of
    $355  NOW                                                       
    plus $25 posting and insurance)                                                                 
    You don’t need to pay the balance until you are FREE from your ED.   

    That’s right, I’m serious. Pay only $355 down now and the balance in 12 months as we know you will be healthy.

    And we will not hound you to pay at the end of your program.

    I am taking you on trust as a way of helping you to get better and have a normal life.


 Option 2: 4G USB Flash Drive 
12 CDs loaded on a 4G Flash Drive.

Student Basic Help Package.


  • USB 4G with the complete 95 days  audio program.

  • All  booklets and pamphlets are printable from the USB.

Full Cost $550.                                                               USB Flash Drive

f it will help you, pay only $250 now and the balance in 12 months or when you can pay.

But you can upgrade anytime in the next 12 months and still get all the extra benefits.

We are taking you on trust as a way of helping you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

(Posting and handling and insurance $12)



Option3: Full CDs and MP4eating disorder cure program option 2 

  • The complete audio program fully loaded on:
    an MP4 player 16G(like iPod)

  • 14 CDs (The complete 95 days program).

All printed books and pamphlets: 4 booklets, 1book and 6 pamphlets.           
                                                                                                                                                    Photo of program

The cost of this Pack is only $1100 BUT? You Pay only $900 plus postage          

    • Pay in full Today and you get:

    •  a discount of $200.

    • Plus you’ll get 9 months email counseling valued at $4000

    • And you get 6 half hour Skype sessions with Dr Irina and William, where you can discus any problems you have, in total privacy. Valued at $900.

    • That's a total Value $5100 extra benefits.


    • You also get a copy of Dr Irina's Book "Cure your eating disorder" Value $39.95


    • Plus a copy of Karen's New updated book Valued at $39.95

    • Plus a full set of Meditation CDs For Anorexia or Bulimia or Binge eating.  Valued at $66

    • Plus an upgraded MP4 touch screen with camera Valued at $150. Fully loaded with the program.


      All the above for only $900 plus postage


             So Now You Basically Have 2 Choices…

In a couple of months time, you could still be struggling along in your secret life of binging purging or starving yourself… missing out on all the good things in life you deserve.

Or you can take the first step towards a brighter future. A future where you are truly in control of your eating and your life.

Please don’t leave it another minute longer to get help for your eating disorder. Every day you risk doing long-term damage to your health.

I’m looking forward to helping you reclaim your life

Warm regards 

Dr Irina Webster

P.S  Remember you can pay a first payment now and the balance later. We can not be fairer than that. We want to take the pressure of you so you get better, then it is up to you when you pay us the balance. We know the treatment works.  We get emails like this one below all the time:

We know the treatment works we get emails like this one below all the time.


                                             At last I am free of my ED

Dr Irina.
I have to apologize to you I really didn't think the program would work. You see I had been through all the treatments and nothing worked before. I got to the point where I was desperate as I have a little boy and I know he needs his mom.
I was so worried something would happen to me and he would be all on his own, I just couldn't risk it, what mom would.
So I took the chance to get the program and it really worked. At first I could not concentrate on doing it, my mind was just racing all the time, but I got to the part where William explained how to stop that happening and it changed everything.
Now I know I will be around to look after my little boy, he is so beautiful and I am a very proud mom.
Thanks also for all the help you gave me when I was really struggling. Without the counseling at the bad times I am sure I would still have the anorexia now.
I just watch what I eat and like you said, I will never get fat if I have balance.

Yours sincerely
Barbara Morgan
North Dakota, USA.

P.P.S. If you are not willing to follow the program step by step take advantage of our help and honestly try to get better then please don’t waste your time and ours. We’ll help you every step of the way but you need to be fully committed to giving up your eating disorder and living a normal life again.

P.P. P. S. If you would like to know all about the MP4 you get in the program click on the link below to read and choose your player.

For more information on Neuroplasticity go to:

MP4. 16G (Click here for specifications) 

Research Articles you can read

Useful Links.




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